What are the technical specifications of the LaserDock?

Real-time generated visualisations are sent over the micro USB connector to a high speed processor which, with precision timing, transfers the data to a digital to analog converter (DAC).

Low noise amplifiers increase the signal level from the DAC to give the correct amplitude signals at the ILDA standard 25 way connector, allowing direct projector plug-in compatibility.


DIMENSIONS: 76cm x 56cm x 21cm

PROCESSOR: 32bit ARM processor 72MHz

RESOLUTION: 12 bits (4096 x 4096)

SPEED: Up to 60kpps

CHANNELS: ILDA standard projector interface with full 20Vp-p balanced X & Y plus 0-5V analog R, G and B, all 12 bits, over 1 billion colors.

SUPPORTED INTERFACE: USB 2.0 Full Speed, backward compatible with USB 1.1

FIRMWARE UPDATE: Easy firmware update over USB


USB CABLE: Standard 3m micro USB cable included.

PROJECTOR INTERFACE: Standard ILDA interface, direct plug-in to ILDA socket, ILDA cable optional.

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