What are the burning capabilities of the different laser power outputs in mW

Below is a chart that is general.  If the dot on the laser is a little too large, it may need to be focused by a focal lens to concentrate the energy.  Also note that dark colors absorb light more so than light colors.  As for matches, there are different makes so that some will not light unless the laser is over 200mW.


Laser Power Chart (mW)






Laser "Dot" visible


IR Filter Technology (green only)


Laser beam visible in smoke, mist or fog


Laser Beam visible lighted area (green only)


Make holes in black trash bags


Open-cut healing power


Stings bare skin


Burn dark fabrics


Laser Range > 50 miles (green only)


Pop dark colored balloons


Ignite wooden / paper matches


Cut black electrical tape


Used as Laser Dazzler



Light fireworks




Melt rubber and plastics




Etch dark plastics and leathers




Light cigars and cigarettes




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